Levantine Arabic 5-DAY Comprehension Challenge

Unlock Fluency Through the Power of Storytelling

Are you a student, linguist, or young professional looking to fast-track your path towards Arabic fluency?

Ditch the dull textbooks, lifeless lectures, and endless Google searches, and join our Levantine Arabic 5-Day Comprehension Challenge.

In this program, we've developed a modern, dynamic, multi-media approach to language learning...

...that's based on the ancient power of storytelling.

Scroll down to learn more about this revolutionary framework for mastering spoken Arabic.

Are you a student, linguist, or young professional looking to fast-track your path towards Arabic fluency?

Then join our Levantine Arabic 5-Day Comprehension Challenge.

In this program, we've developed a modern, dynamic, multi-media approach to language learning... that's based on the ancient power of storytelling.

Imagine if you could...

  • ​​​Add "Fluent in Arabic" to your resume
  • ​​Build a deeper connection with family
  • ​Pursue that volunteer opportunity
  • Navigate new cultures with ease

All without spending thousands of dollars on private tutoring and over-priced classes...

or wasting hundreds of hours on YouTube, boring textbooks, Duolingo, and other check-the-box phone apps.

At Lingua Verna, we ignore gimmicks and 2-minute-a-day promises..

What we provide are 
the tools to increase your comprehension fast.

This limited-time Grand Opening Discount will end soon, so lock in
the early-bird rate (and get the emails for FREE) while you still can!

This limited-time Grand Opening Discount will end soon, so lock in the early-bird rate (and get the emails for FREE) while you still can!

"Does it really work?" 🧐

"It's so important for me to learn how to speak Arabic and reconnect with my roots"

"All-in-all, it's an absolutely fantastic value"

"With the Lingua Verna 5-Day Challenge, I finally have something Levantine focussed"

"My favorite part by far is the 'Speak It' section"

"You cannot master Arabic unless you're familiar with the culture, and I love how each story includes different cultural aspects"

Why this challenge?

Alex & Saeed jpeg

Alex and co-founder Saeed Khan El Khalili, Cairo

Hi, I'm Alex, and I'm excited to present the Levantine Arabic 5-Day Comprehension Challenge, your key to achieving true fluency.

Before we jump in, here's some background:

This course is built on my 10+ years of language learning and teaching, foreign education, globetrotting, and international work. I've tried it all, from self-teaching, to group classes, to language immersion. I even tied the knot with a native Arabic speaker!

In short, I've used ALL the learning methods available, and I’ve experienced language immersion in its fullest, and what I learned is that the NUMBER ONE KILLER on the journey to fluency is BORING Content and INCONSISTENT Learning.

So what's my fluency secret? Consistent Engagement at the Right Level.

That's why I designed a language acquisition framework that will allow you to...  

Unlock Arabic Fluency Through the
Magic of

Immersion meets self-teaching with our four key modules

   Read It       

Timeless Power of Great Stories: Unlock the history, literature, language, and modern culture of the region through our engaging, immersive framework. 

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 5 21 10 PM png

Some of the many stories available through Lingua Verna

Two Reading Formats: In this challenge, you'll get instant access to the Tale of The Orchard Worker, delivered in two formats:

1) Learning
: Full Arabic, tashkeel, English translation, & extensive footnotes, for optimal language learning.

2) Native
: Experience the story as a native speaker would, without the training wheels. 

   Watch It       

Dynamic Multi-Media: Studio-filmed professional actors bring our stories to life.

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 5 53 49 PM png

Triple Subtitles: Choose from no-subtitle, Arabic-only, and dual-language subtitle options. That way you are never lost.

Lingua Verna Fluency Framework: In this Challenge, Syrian voice actor Mohammed will introduce you to the LV framework.

   Hear It       

Professional Voice Actors: Our readers are famous in the Middle East for their work dubbing TV shows. So listen while you read with our embedded audio players.  

Studio Quality Audio: Just check out this sample audio from the story of military hero and colonialist resister Yusuf Al-Azme. 


Spoiler! You get this story as a FREE BONUS when you purchase.

Two Speeds: We recorded each story in Learning and Native Speed. This will make learning Arabic a breeze!

   Speak It       

Daily Conversation Module: Learn to SPEAK, not just HEAR with out our targeted conversation trainings that are integrated with a self-record and playback feature.

Engaging Speaking Prompts: Practice your Arabic by responding to daily story-related promptsin the comfort of your home, allowing you to embrace mistakes and learn rapidly!

Essential Tools: These trainings are packed full of useful phrases, vocabulary, and pronunciation tips that will have you chatting away in fluent Arabic in no time at all.


1) Consistent Exposure
2) Fascinating Material
3) Understandable Content


Consistent Exposure to Fascinating, Understandable Material is the

  • ​​CONSISTENT Exposure: Have you ever got in a taxi or Uber to discover that the foreign driver has learned perfect English? Language acquisition is an inevitable result of constant exposure. We give you that volume of exposure.
  • FASCINATING Material: We've worked tirelessly to make our material AS ENGAGING AS POSSIBLE. When you get lost in the Arab world's culture, history, cuisine, and more. learning the language becomes a happy side effect.
  • ​UNDERSTANDABLE Content: We start with easy-to-digest material that gets incrementally more difficult, ensuring constant comprehension and sustained growth. The only possible result is fluency.

Professional linguists use the term COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT for material that meets this criteria, and scholars agree it is the best way to learn a language.

For the Limited-Time Price of just $8!

(Valued at $304)



  • Wasted money:  STOP pouring money into expensive private tutoring.
  • ​Wasted Time: STOP using outdated material at the wrong difficulty level?
  • ​​Boring Tasks: STOP performing daily check-the-box tasks in Duolingo, scouring through useless YouTube videos, or browsing blog posts?
  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA): STOP learning to just read, when your goal is real human connection.
  • ​Low Confidence: STOP being afraid to speak because you're unsure of your abilities.


  • Invest with Confidence: We make learning affordable.  Our content includes lifetime access.
  • Targeted Material: level-specific content on a multi-media platform optimizes language acquisition.
  • Fascinating Content: Engage with stories that unveil the history, culture, customs, humor, and language of the Middle East. 
  • Curated Dialect Content: ​All our content is dialect specific for real daily conversations
  • ​Speak with Confidence: You'll have the skill and experience to engage native speakers. 


satisfaction-guarantee-g4e708a35d_1280 png

100% guarantee that you'll love this product, or I'll return your money in full, no questions asked.

That's right, I’ll take all the risk on this.

If you don’t feel that our system is the single greatest at-home Arabic learning system you've ever seen, drop me an email in the first 30 days of getting the course, and I’ll refund ALL your money. No questions asked. Fair enough?


So Secure Your Access Now Before It's Gone...

  • ​What Impact Would This Have on Your Career Opportunities?
  • ​How Might This Change Your Next Travel/Volunteer Experience?
  • ​How Would Mastering Arabic Alter Your Family Interactions?

You Can Access The System I WISH I HAD When I Was Learning Arabic

I'm trying to make this an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER, because when you have this program, you'll be shocked at how fast your comprehension improves

There Is No Catch!

You will get instant access to all this material, and if you don't like it, let us know within 30 days, and we'll refund you in full.

Did I mention the

  The Tale of Yusuf Al-Azma

Hero of Syria:Check out the incredible tale of Yusuf Al-Azma, a leading figure in the anti-colonial movement during the First World War. Yusuf's story is one of heroic efforts to defend his homeland against foreign invaders.

Double the Content
: Like the 5-Day Challenge, this story comes complete with the original Arabic text, as well as full audio and video, this full bonus story provides an unforgettable experience.

Normally: $47
Now: FREE   

  Refugee Interview

Long-Form Interview: In this exclusive interview (more than half an hour of fully-subtitled content!), Lingua Verna co-collaborator Saeed tells the story of his harrowing journey as a refugee, including fleeing from Damascus to Turkey, his arrest and imprisonment in Morocco, and his experience starting a new life in South America

Fully Equipped: As with all the other material in Lingua Verna, this video is available in three subtitling options to maximize its learning potential.

Normally: $37
Now: FREE   

   Native Speed Challenge

Test Your Skills: Once you've mastered the 5-Day Challenge content, we have a bonus challenge for you.

We filmed the story a second time, but we told the reader to pretend it was for a native Levantine speaker. 

Ultimate Goal: Our end goal is fluent conversation with a native speaker, and what better way to prepare than to train yourself at this natural speed?

Normally: $37
Now: FREE   

  Lifetime Upgrade Access

So Much More: Additional training modules and bonus products are still under development, and many more will be made free immediately upon release to purchasers of the Levantine Arabic 5-Day Comprehension Challenge during the Grand Opening Discount Period!

You'll also be the first to know about exciting new developments, updates, and additions to our library of resources.

Normally: Priceless
Now: FREE   

What's Everyone Saying?

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"Just wanted to say WOW"
Monica, Learning for Pleasure 🤓

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"My husband and I have been loving the course"
Mariam, Learning for Love ❤️

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"Yo I'm loving it."
"Getting so much out of it!"
Karim, Connecting with Family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Frequently Asked Questions 

  What's the cost?

One-Payment of $8: No, we do NOT bill monthly. Yes, it's just one single payment. Yes, it's just $8. Yes, It's really that simple. 

Lifetime Access: Yup, just the one payment, and you're IMMEDIATELY IN FOR LIFE. If for any reason you aren't happy, just let us know within 30 days, and we'll refund you in full!

  What experience do I need?

Late Beginner-to-Advanced: At a minimum, you need to be familiar with the Arabic alphabet, basic grammar, and know how to read simple sentences.

Something For Everyone: But it's not just a beginner course. Intermediate students are ideal for this content, and advanced students will benefit as well! With our adaptive modules, there really is something for everyone. 

  What Equipment Do I need?

A Computer With Internet: There are no downloads, Mp3s, PDFs, or any other fussy content.  ALL the course content is available on our website, providing maximum ease of use. You just need a computer or laptop with wifi access.

Browser: Our content works on several browsers, but it is optimized for Google Chrome. 

  How Do I Access It?

Email Login: Upon purchasing, you'll immediately get a login email. And we use Magic Link, meaning you'll never even need to make a password!

  Is It Really 5 Days?

Yes: True to it's name, we've meticulously broken this content into 5 specific days that expose you to the full Lingua Verna Fluency Framework. 

No: It's up to you! As with all out material, we guide the path, but you set the pace. And with the bonus material, you'll definitely be exploring this content for weeks to come!

Still Got Questions?

Send me an email:

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Give Me Instant Access To The
Levantine Arabic 5-Day
Comprehension Challenge

Total Value: $304

(95% Discount!)

  • 5-Day Challenge ($120): Engaging content that unveil the history, culture, customs, humor, and language of the Middle East.
  • "Speak-It" Conversation Training Platform ($43): Multiple daily speaking prompts with integrated with record and playback functionality.
  • Tale of Yusuf Al-Azma ($47): This inspiring tale of a leading figure in the anti-colonial movement is complete with the original Arabic text, as well as full audio and video
  • Exclusive Interview ($57) We fully transcribed and translated a half-hour interview with LV collaborator Saeed. Hear him tell the tale of his harrowing journey as a refugee fleeing Syria for Turkey, North Africa, and eventually Latin America
  • ​Native Speed Challenge ($37): Test your skills and see how close you are to your goal of understanding a native Arabic speaking
  • Lifetime Upgrade (Priceless): With our lifetime access package, you'll always have access to the latest and greatest update to all these products. 
  • ​30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: With our no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you're making a risk-free investment in your language learning journey. If you're unhappy, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase in full.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Click below to get started on your language learning journey today and take advantage of this incredible offer!

Language to Save

MULTI-MEDIA DELIVERY: You have the option of consuming this material in whatever way you see fit. For every single story, we have provided options to: 

  • Read It: This includes a full transcript of the Arabic (with and without tashkeel), full English translation optimized for language learning, plus extensive footnotes
  • Hear It: We hired professional voice actors to do dramatic readings of these stories. That way you can hear the stories read and the words pronounced by native speakers who will leave you immersed in the narrative of the stories. 
  • Watch It: We filmed the actors when they read the stories, then adapted the transcripts into subtitles so you can learn by watching? Because that's exactly what we did.  And it's Triple-Subtitled, meaning you can watch every single story with no subtitles, Arabic-only subtitles, or dual-language Arabic and English subtitles.
  • Slow It Down: We are so committed to making this material perfect for every learner, that we had the actors film each story twice.  Once at their normal speed as a native speaker, and again at a slowed down speed that is perfect for language learning. All the audio and video are available at both speeds.  


But What Are These?

foundation-clipart jpg
Vocab jpg

BROADENING is the process of gaining exposure to an increasing number of words you have not previously heard or studied. This is building your foundation, and it is THE ONLY WAY TO EXPAND YOUR VOCABULARY. By intentionally broadening your vocabulary, you will reduce your real-world encounters with words you've never heard.

DEEPENING is the process of hearing the same word used in a variety of contexts, conjugations, genders, and idioms, so that you develop FULL MASTERY OF YOUR VOCABULARY. By deepening your vocabulary, you will train your ear to recognize a word in all its uses, which will massively accelerate your conversational comprehension and reduce time spent translating in your head.