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Gain Instant Access to our 
Simple, Proven Framework
to Rapidly Build
Conversational Fluency

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From: Alex
Washington, D.C.

Dear friend,

My name is Alex, and I'm here today because I want to give you access to the Levantine Linguist 5-Day Comprehension Challenge.

This is my method for achieving
TRUE FLUENCY in Levantine Arabic.

But before I give you access to limited-time special offer, I want to tell you the backstory about how it was created...

This is NOT something that I just made up one day and hoped it would work. I've spent OVER 10 YEARS studying, traveling, and working internationally.

Alex & Saeed jpeg

Me and Lingua Verna co-collaborator Saeed at Khan El Khalili market, Cairo

Throughout my language learning journey, I have:

  • ​Experimented with countless self-teaching methods​
  • ​Signed up for group courses and personal tutoring,
  • ​Attended university abroad (completing my masters degree in French one year after learning the language)
  • ​Used my target languages extensively for work and travel
  • ​Volunteered with Syrian refugee programs
  • ​Designed advanced-level courses for Arabic 
  • ​And even married a native Arabic speaker

Basically, I have used ALL the self-study methods available, and I’ve experienced language immersion in its fullest.

I also met COUNTLESS fellow students, colleagues, and travelers learning a new language, and I saw so many fail at reaching their dream of speaking in another language!


So often they would finish a course or self-teaching series, and they were then told to go speak to natives, watch movies and TV series, and listen to music in their target language. But they simply WERE NOT READY!

What we do:

 We help students, linguists, & young professionals transform their Arabic fluency...

Without spending thousands of dollars on private tutoring and over-priced classes... or wasting hundreds of hours on YouTube, boring textbooks, Duolingo, and other check-the-box phone apps.

At Lingua Verna, we ignore gimmicks and 2-minute-a-day promises - what we provide is the tools to increase your comprehension so that you have the confidence you need to:

  • ​​​Add "Fluent in Arabic" to your resume
  • ​​Pursue that volunteer opportunity
  • ​​Talk to your in-laws
  • ​​Share your partner's language
  • ​​Land the job of your dreams
  • ​​Better serve your community
  • ​​Prepare for your next vacation


Boring Material
The Wrong Level

If you've dealt with any of the following frustrations,
Then this course is for you!

  • ​​Pouring thousands of dollars into private tutoring
    (I paid $16/hour - 5 days/week - for YEARS, and for THE PRICE OF A FANCY COFFEE, you'll get access to our PREMIUM MATERIAL!)
  • ​Spending hundreds of hours tediously studying boring textbooks with cheap CD and MP3 recordings.
  • ​Wasting time translated songs and movie clips, only to get frustrated by the difficulty level
  • ​​Performed daily check-the-box tasks like in Duolingo or some other cheap beginner course
  • ​​Scoured through dozens of useless YouTube videos
  • ​​Dedicated themselves to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), only to realize their comprehension was ZERO because the dialects are so different

I Knew There Had To Be
A Better Approach...

So I began obsessing over methods to rapidly learn a language, and to have FUN doing it

The method I developed will have you speaking with confidence in MONTHS. And you won't spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours getting there.


Consistent Exposure to Fascinating,
Understandable Material


Consistent Exposure to Fascinating, Understandable Material is the

  • FASCINATING Material: At Lingua Verna, we've worked tirelessly to make our material AS ENGAGING AS POSSIBLE.  When you get lost in the culture, history, cuisine, literature, pop culture, and travel of the Arab world, learning the language becomes a happy side effect.
  • ​UNDERSTANDABLE Content: We start with easy-to-digest material that gets incrementally more difficult over time, all while providing explanations for each new concept you encounter. When you always easily understand the material, and when that material is always getting more complex, the only possible result is fluency.
  • CONSISTENT Exposure: Have you ever got in a taxi or Uber to discover that the driver has learned perfect English?  Language acquisition is an inevitable result of constant exposure.  Access to a large volume of material you actually want to consume is the key to getting there.

Professional linguists call this kind of material COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT, and scholars agree that having access to it provides the best way to learn a language. We have optimized the entire Lingua Verna system around the latest literature in language acquisition, with comprehensible input as the driving theme. 

For the Limited-Time Price of just $8!

So What's In The Program?

Unlock Arabic Fluency Through


Access to our Integrated Fluency Framework, designed with Rapid Language Acquisition in mind.

At Lingua Verna, we believe in the timeless power of a well-told story.

So we hired professional Arab authors to write all our content in the form of amazingly told stories. Each story unlocks a part of the history, literature, language, and modern culture of the region, providing you with an engaging, immersive learning experience. 

In this 5-Day challenge, you'll get instant access to the Story of The Orchard Worker. The story is broken down into a series of days complete with tons of supplemental content for learning grammar, practicing pronunciation, and drilling new terms and phrases in a variety of scenarios in our supplemental conversation module

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 5 21 10 PM png

Some of the many stories available through Lingua Verna

Our goal with this content is that you are always challenged, but never overwhelmed.  We give the utmost care to content development so you can streamline your language acquisition

   Watch It 

As part of this series, we filmed professional actors reading all of our stories so we could harness the power of technology to deliver content in a modern multi-media format that is specifically adapted for language acquisition. Learning a language has never been so easy. 

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 5 53 49 PM png

Oh ya, we even triple-subtitled every single video with 1) no-subtitle, 2) Arabic-only, and 3) dual-language options. That way you are never lost.

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 12 39 00 PM png
Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 12 50 19 PM png

In this 5-Day Challenge: Our favorite reader Mohammed will provide your introduction to the Lingua Verna Fluency Framework.  He is a voice actor from Syria, and we're sure you will love the drama and power he reads into the story.

   Read It

We deliver every single story in two reading formats.

First, with a full-english translation optimized for language-learning, complete with tashkeel for pronunciation, as well as extensive footnotes.

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 6 20 08 PM png

Then we offer it to you again, but with all the footnotes, tashkeel, and English removed.  That way you can learn to read the text aloud as a native speaker would read it. 

   Hear It

Each of our actors are in fact professional voice actors, some of whom are famous in the Middle East for their work dubbing TV shows. So we put audio players next to ALL of the stories.  That way you can listen while you read!

For example, check out this sample audio clip from our story on the military hero and colonialist resister Yusuf Al-Azme (spoiler alert! You get access to this story as a FREE BONUS when you purchase now):


Difficult to understand? No worries! With all the tools provided in this program, you will be able to listen to a story like this in a matter of minutes. 

Plus, we had the readers record slowed-down versions of each story, meaning you can practice each one at Learning Speed, or at Native Speed. We've thought of everything in this program, because we want to make the learning process effortless. 

   Study It

The story is packed full of useful footnotes, and our conversation module is overflowing with pronunciation tips and tricks.  This learning material alone is worth the value of the course.  

   Speak it

Daily Conversation Module: We've also developed targeted speaking trainings that are integrated with a self-record and playback feature so that you are learning to SPEAK, not just to HEAR. These trainings are packed full of useful phrases, vocabulary, and speaking prompts so that you'll be chatting away in fluent Arabic in no time at all. 

With this course, you will unlock 
so that you never get bored

For Only $8

You can gain exposure to the
 5-Day Levantine Comprehension Challenge,

which we have designed to catapult
you toward real, attainable fluency.

which we have designed to catapult you toward real, attainable fluency.

Yes... for about the price of a new pair of shoes, you can get access to a framework that will revolutionize your Arabic fluency.

Here is my "You Gotta Be Crazy" GUARANTEE

I will 100% guarantee that you'll love this product, or I'll return your money in full, no questions asked.

satisfaction-guarantee-g4e708a35d_1280 png

That's right, I’ll take all the risk on this.

If you don’t feel that our system is the single greatest at-home Arabic acquisition system you've ever seen, drop me an email in the first 15-days of getting the course and I’ll refund ALL your money. No questions asked. Fair enough?


You Must Act Fast!

Time Is Of The Essence...

So Secure Your Access Now Before It's Gone...


  • ​What Impact Would This Have on Your Career Opportunities?
  • ​How Might This Impact Your Next Travel/Volunteer Experience?
  • ​How Would Mastering Arabic Change Your Family Interactions?

You Could Get Access To The System I WISH I HAD When I Was Learning Arabic

I'm trying to make this an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER, because when you have this program, you'll be shocked at how fast your comprehension improves

There Is No Catch!

You will get instant access to all this material, and if you don't like it, let us know within 15-days, and we'll refund you in full.

For ONLY $8!

Oh wait... Did We Mention The 



  • Full Extra Story for FREE: We're throwing in an additional tale - the real life story of Yusuf Al-Azma, Hero of Syria during the First World War. This tale of a leading figure in the anti-colonial movement is complete with the Arabic text, plus full audio and video, and it's absolutely free.
    Value: $47
  • 100 Verbs Cheat-Sheet: We selected the most common Levantine verbs, and we've put them in an interactive webpage complete with tons of useful example sentences (this item is coming soon)
    Value: $57

Total Value: $160


Note: We are a new company seeking to bring you the best there is in the Arabic-language world.  Additional bonus products are still under development, and many more will be made free immediately upon release to purchasers of the Levantine Linguist 5-Day Comprehension Challenge during the Grand Opening Discount Period!

Okay. With all that said, I hope you enjoy this program. I hope you use it. And I hope it transforms your language learning journey.

Thanks again,


P.S. Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was? 😊

You get instant access to the Levantine Linguist 5-Day Comprehension Challenge. I spent over 10 years studying languages, and this is the material I wish I had!

Our money-back guarantee is no-questions-asked. If you're unhappy, let us no in 15 days, and we will refund you in full. 

Just click the button below right now to get started!



YES! Give Me Instant Access To
(Grand Opening Discount!)
Levantine Linguist 5-Day
Comprehension Challenge

Total Value: $304


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What You Get - $304 Value

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  • 5-Day Comprehension Challenge
    Integrated Arabic CurriculumHear-it, and Slow-it-down capabilities.
    Value: $160
    Complete with Watch-it, Read-it,
  • ​"Speak-It" Conversation Training Platform: Multiple daily speaking prompts with integrated with record and playback functionality.
    Value: $40
  • ​​​FREE Bonus Story​: Immerse yourself in the tale of the anti-colonial Syrian war hero Yusuf Al-Azme. Complete with full text, audio, and video. 
    Value: $47

  • 100 Verbs Cheat-Sheet: We selected the most common Levantine verbs, and we've put them in an interactive webpage complete with full conjugations and tons of useful example sentences (this item is coming soon)
    Value: $57

Language to Save

MULTI-MEDIA DELIVERY: You have the option of consuming this material in whatever way you see fit. For every single story, we have provided options to: 

  • Read It: This includes a full transcript of the Arabic (with and without tashkeel), full English translation optimized for language learning, plus extensive footnotes
  • Hear It: We hired professional voice actors to do dramatic readings of these stories. That way you can hear the stories read and the words pronounced by native speakers who will leave you immersed in the narrative of the stories. 
  • Watch It: We filmed the actors when they read the stories, then adapted the transcripts into subtitles so you can learn by watching? Because that's exactly what we did.  And it's Triple-Subtitled, meaning you can watch every single story with no subtitles, Arabic-only subtitles, or dual-language Arabic and English subtitles.
  • Slow It Down: We are so committed to making this material perfect for every learner, that we had the actors film each story twice.  Once at their normal speed as a native speaker, and again at a slowed down speed that is perfect for language learning. All the audio and video are available at both speeds.  


But What Are These?

foundation-clipart jpg
Vocab jpg

BROADENING is the process of gaining exposure to an increasing number of words you have not previously heard or studied. This is building your foundation, and it is THE ONLY WAY TO EXPAND YOUR VOCABULARY. By intentionally broadening your vocabulary, you will reduce your real-world encounters with words you've never heard.

DEEPENING is the process of hearing the same word used in a variety of contexts, conjugations, genders, and idioms, so that you develop FULL MASTERY OF YOUR VOCABULARY. By deepening your vocabulary, you will train your ear to recognize a word in all its uses, which will massively accelerate your conversational comprehension and reduce time spent translating in your head.