Private Tutoring

The Fastest Track to Fluency

When you book a package of sessions with one of our instructors, you'll get FREE access to ALL of the course content relevant to your level ($100s in value!)

 Get the Spring 33% Discount 🌼

1-hour: $30

10-hour bundle: $20/hr

Why Pick a Lingua Verna Partner?

1. The FREE Bonuses

  • ​​FREE No-Risk Assessment: We offer a FREE 30-min assessment call. If you don't want to proceed, we'll refund the hours you purchased, no questions asked
  • FREE Curriculum Access ($750+ Value): For the duration of your sessions, your instructor will ensure FREE access to ANY relevant piece of self-study material from our website
  • FREE Homework Corrections: After every single call, you'll be given a series of short, optional assignments to accelerate your learning and your instructor will offer FREE feedback for every assignment within 24 hours

2. Exceptional Instructors

  • ​​Unmatched Teaching Experience: Your instructor has 10+ years of experience teaching Arabic to Native English Speakers
  • So Much Fun:  We are committed to providing an enjoyable process and immersive learning environment.  We're certain your instructor will quickly become a dear friend as well
  • Personalized Learning:  Using their rich experience, our instructors will tailor the curriculum and learning experience to your specific interests and learning style
  • ​​MSA or Multiple Dialects: Select from Fosha, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Syrian, Lebanese, or Jordanian (want us to add another dialect? Just ask!)

3. Unmatched Convenience

  • ​​Couldn't Be Easier:  Once you sign up, we take care of scheduling calls, assessing your level, and providing appropriate materials
  • Learn from home: All you need is access to WhatsApp, Google Meets, and an internet connection. Fluency is just a click away
  • Every Dollar Counts:  We keep your fees low and our teachers' salaries high, and we don't skim profit off the top.  That way you know that 100% of what you pay is going toward your learning.

Select Your Product


Private Tutoring (10-hour bundle)
$20 per session (33% Discount)
Accelerate your learning with the total immersion offered through this bundle of 10 one-hour sessions, complete with a FREE zero-risk assessment and FREE access to all relevant course content throughout the duration of your learning (to be used within 15 weeks of purchase)
Private Tutoring (1-hour session)
Accelerate your learning with the total immersion offered through a personalized, private tutoring session with one of our native-Arabic speaking instructors.

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